Training going really well!

Posted on: 30 Aug 2009

I've just completed my 3rd week of training for the Great South Run ... and it's going really well!

I'm using the training schedule provided by the Runner's World SmartCoach (see It's an 11 week schedule that'll take me from running 13 miles a week up to 21 miles a week with a mixture of easy, tempo, speedwork, and long runs. It's very easy to use - you just enter a recent race time, tell it what distance you're training for and how hard you want to train, press a button and you have your own training schedule. It worked really well for me in training for the Yateley 10k series. Over the next few posts, I'll cover the different types of runs and paces I'm running at.

Sunday is my long run day and I've been looking forward to today's run for ages, 7 miles, my first over 6 miles for more than 2 months. I really enjoy running at a relaxed pace down country lanes on a peaceful Sunday morning. I ran at just under 10-minute mile pace which is really comfortable for me. I'm very slightly under the weather at the moment so I was a bit leggy at the end of the run and feel a bit washed out now but no new injury niggles which is a bonus.

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