12 months on ...

Posted on: 03 Sep 2009

A 6 mile tempo run for me today. 1 mile warm up @10 minute mile pace, 4 miles @8:37 minute mile pace, followed by a 1 mile cool down @10 minute mile pace. I don't look forward to these runs. Running at near race pace is hard on your own but I felt good today, the pace was quickish (for me) but still comfortable, and I was full of running as I slowed for my cooldown, completing the run in 53:58.

The tempo run is as much about training the mind as much as the body - you know what I mean, learning to ignore that small sweet voice within that whispers "slow down, take a rest" when the going starts to get tough, usually about 3/4 the way through a race. It's about having the mental strength to see you through to the end of the dark tunnel, to ignore that voice that almost pleads with you to stop, and not give up but see it through to and end a race with a real sense of achievement.

Today's run completed exactly 12 months of running. WOW. A year ago, the schedule for my first week was three 15-minute run-walks - run for 1 minute 30 seconds, then walk for 1 minute and repeat 6 times! Contrast that with the week I've just completed; an easy 2 miler, a 6 mile tempo run, and a 7 miler! It feels fantastic to have come so far. So tonight, I shall have a glass of red wine to celebrate ... and then look forward to another 12 months ... wonder what my schedule will look like then?!

Enjoy your running!

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