Posted on: 12 Mar 2009

Anyone got any inside information or advice on having injections to help injuries? My PF is not clearing up despite the stretches, icing, rest, ankle strengthening classes, anti-inflammatories etc. In fact, today it hurts as much as it ever did and I am limping quite heavily which is not something I have had to do for a while. Maybe I overworked the stretches today, I don't know, but I did no more than usual.

When I saw the fizzio one of the things she mentioned was an injection if it wasn't any better after seeing her 4 times, I saw her twice then she put me in these classes so I won't be seeing her again for a few weeks yet. The idea was 6 classes then a review but I can tell things aren't getting any better - yet.

Anyway, like anyone who is injured I read a few forums and pages about my injury, a few have mentioned having injections and that seemed to do the trick almost immediately, and with no after effects for years, if ever. What is the injection,anyone know. I know footballers have cortisone injections, is that what she is on about? Has anyone got any experience? I am loathe to go down this road but as I said I have tried everything else and am now getting desperate. According to Mrs K I am miserable and moping around the house all day. She goes to the gym a few times a week whilst I am sitting indoors vegetating and then getting on her nerves when she gets in! I can't go to the gym as it bloody hurts too much and cycling is OK but my bike is in the repair shop for a while.

Oh my word, what a miserable git, maybe she is right! Someone help me, PLEASE

Never ever give up

the answers are there, you just have to find them

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