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Posted on: 15 Apr 2009

After my confidence on Monday I had to have a come down didn't I? Went for my usual 10 laps yesterday but decided to try running round the field instead of just one pitch. Started off OK but it wasn't long before I could feel the difference in running non stop for 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds! I completed 1 lap of run/walk then decided to make the 2 miles up with laps of the pitch instead. That was hard for some reason, probably because I didn't run/walk all the way. I just about managed to do 2 miles before I gave up.

Been feeling very tired lately, I think it's a combination of worrying about mum and all the exercise I am suddenly doing. I feel physically wrecked but I still went to physio gym today, didn't work too hard though as I wasn't in the mood for it really. Got a bit of better news from the hospital re mum so I was in a better mood when I got home and took myself off for a little jog on the path today, the first one since my injury. I have been a bit wary of running on the concrete but I have to try sometime and today was it. Just under 1 1/2 miles in 16 minutes, about usual pace then! Run 5/walk 1 and it felt good. Got some different aches from running on concrete compared to grass but I can handle those. The heel did whine at first but soon shut up and got on with what it was being told to.

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