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Posted on: 07 May 2009

It's time to say goodbye to this blog. I've started a new one over on the VLM part of RealBuzz. I hope this one stay around for a while yet, there is loads that I want to take from it and keep somewhere or other, and it does bring back some fantastic memories.

My first post was back in Spet 06 I think and my first reply was from Rachpops. I honestly did not think anyone would read it let alone reply but Rachael did, as did Pablo and a few others. Advice was given, taken in, and since then forogotten which his why I want this blog to hang aorund for a while, so I can trawl through it and find those golden nuggets that I have forgotten, or more to the point, think I no longer need.

I remember the fantastic sense of achievement I had when I first ran a mile non stop, and you guys seemed as happy for me as I did for myself. That was just before my first ever race - the Portsmouth Mile is the day before the GSR in October. I hoped to run all the way but I tried going too fast, walked for about 30 seconds and finished in, what I thought was an amazing time, 10:01. Damn that 1 second!

I carried on training with the encouragment and motivation of too many people to name, none of whom I had ever met, and entered the Bramley 10 in February. I managed a non stop 10 mile run on the Tuesday before. That is 1 mile to 10 in just 4 months, for a 20 stone man that is impressive. I hoped to just beat 2 hours, on the day I did it in 2:03. I wasn't unhappy about that believe me, I wasn't happy about Nick slapping my arse a mile from the end as he completed 20miles to my 10! (Just kidding Nick, it was a pleasure really!!)

I am one of the few people who can genuinely say that he raced Nigel Mansell around the track at Silverstone, and beat him! Despite the arctic weather that day, I enjoyed it. Mrs K and two little kids sitting in the stand in the snow didn't have as much fun, I did it in 2:40. Oh, and someone stole my XXXL bright orange Nike running jacket, I loved that jacket.

I regaled you all with the story of my WeightWatchers adventures, my family life, I got Mrs K pregnant (so she says!), and then the big one, the day of the FloraLondon Marathon onApril 22nd 2007.

Travelled up the day before and stayed in a hotel next door to the Expo, where I bumped into Ruddy and Henrik among others. The train to the start line the next day was crammed full of runners, and got stopped 3 miles from the start due to a derailment! We had a nice long 3 mile walk up that hill and in the bloody heat. As we were late getting there it only took me about 15 minutes to cross the start line and that was it, I was running a marathon. I saw Superman, Batman, Spiderman, a camel, a horse, two pirates carrying a boat, a  mummy, a man with a fish tank on his head, some in barefoot, some in workboots, some in jeans, some nearly naked, a very sexy girl in her underwear,  all sorts of weird and wondeful sights. I go tto Cutty Sark and was spotted by Mrs K and two of my sisters who had travelled up on the day just to cheer me on  (thanks girls, love you all). Started to struggle around mile 7 if I am honest, but kept walking/running as much as I could with the crowds calling my name (boldly printed on my shirt, I was so glad I did that). Suddenly I rounded a corner and I was on Tower Bridge. The noise was phenomenal! I was in heaven but this is where my problem started. I had an ache in my upper right leg and as I went on it got worse. I spotted several pretty young girls cheering everyone on so stopped there for a rest (and a chat). Whilst there a woman came up to me and asked "Are you PhilK from the blog?" It was Theresa Pirie and she dragged me through the next 7 miles or so even stopping to give me a leg rub and generally being one of the nicest poeple I have ever met. She didn't have to run with me but she knew I was in trouble and she stayed. Eventually I had to tell her to go and and promised I would catch her up but I never did. I walked most of the last 6 miles, or more I limped, hobbled and cried. Complete strangers were offering to stay with me, or begging me to stay with them but I could only just manage to walk 200m, rest for a minute. I met my support team again at mile 18 then at mile 25 when they walked me to the finish line. Rounding one of the last bends I bumped into Trev L and he showed me his medal (won about 4 hours ago!), and urged me on the last half a mile. That's all I had left to do, half a bloody mile! WOW!!! A quarter of a mile from the end, literally just before I got in front of Buck Palace I heard a voice from way back behind me. "Phil. Phil. PHIIIILLL". I was only Kim Cotton. She had bumped into Trev and he said he had only just seen me so she supercharged her way towards the finish line in the hope of catching up. She did and we crossed the line together. Kim is the first person I actually met when I started training for the marathon (we live only 30 miles apart so a few days before Bramley we met up as I was in her area). It was fitting that we crossed the line together. I recorded a time of 8hrs and a few minutes, a long way outside my estimated time of 5 1/2 - 6hours.

So that was it, I completed my first marathon. Yes, my first. Despite the pain and time I really enjoyed it and WILL do it again. Physio afterwards told me I had Illotobial Band Syndrome, that could take months to heal but as it was I was OK to do the GSR in October (2hr 07m). I did a Santa Run, in December and since then, no races at all. I have been injured in one way or another, adductors, ITB, Plantar Faciitis and general apathy. God, I really am an old bastard!

I currently (May 2009) go to the gym 4 times a week, working on a base level of fitness after 6 months of nearly nothing. and hope to get running again in a month or two but the PF is not budging. I am still a fat b'stard but again (I've said this a dozen times in the last two years) I am working on it. My trouble is I can behave for two weeks, have one bad day and think that I have blown it now so might as well carry on bingeing

In the time I have been blogging I have become a dad again, completed a marathon, managed my Sunday football side to promotion, been made redundant, raised £2000 for Diabetes UK, become a qualified football referee, all sorts of things .So why do I always moan I never do anything exciting?

You guys have been with me through injuries, deaths, births and marriages (not all mine), the good times, the bad times, the enthusiasm, the lethargy. You've motivated, threatened, cajoled me along, lied to me, told me a few home truths too and generally got me through. I thank you all for that and I hope to see plenty more of you on my new blog, 'Where do I re-start?' over on the VLM site.

I cannot mention everyone who deserves a mention and if I have left you out, I apologise now. Sharon Dooley, Pete Elwick, Bupa Patel, LoopyLou, Martine (for sending me her training plan), are a few. I wish I never started this list, I can't name everyone!

The only thing I have left to say is


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