I just noticed....

Posted on: 24 Dec 2008

....it's Christmas Eve! Still up wrapping presents, trying to remember which are for who and making a mess. The turkey is ready, the food shopping is done, Christmas songs on the TV, the decorations are up, the cards are delivered and the kids are finally asleep. Took them to Santas Circus last night and had a great time (pics on Facebook). Now to find some way of getting them to sleep tomorrow night. There was a discussion on the radio today, stockings on the kids bed or the fireplace. I put them on the kids bed, and lay presents down the stairs to the living room where the main bulk are. What do you do?

Oh yes, runnning. I've tried a few very tentative very short jogs over the last few days. Nothing worth measuring in terms of time or distance as each time I have stopped before I started hurting. The running was OK but after I had pain in my heel. After about 3 hours work tomorrow I am off for a few weeks so now I will get the chance to rest it properly. Working means carrying heavy weights and that obviously impacts on the heel and does not help.

Anyway. it's late, I am tired and have an early start in the morning. A little trip up the A3 to Woking and back and I am done. Oh, then to find a presnt for Mrs K. That I am looking forward to. NOT!

Happy Christmas everyone

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