Yay RFL Done

Posted on: 18 May 2008

Ok...first things first...weigh in yesterday...145.4lb - so not a great week, but I didn't put it on!

Exercise this week has been swimming on Thursday, cycling on Saturday and the race for life today. 

Have to confess I ended up power walking the race for life as I was doing it with friends, one of whom is a new returner to the fitness thing and is doing fantastic, but didn't want to leave her behind.  Anyway certainly made a brisk walk and had a couple of running spurts and a 'sprint' finish (you know the bit where the spectators are!! )

Anyway a good time had by all - and a chance to remember those friends and relatives who are no longer with us due to cancer related illnesses.  I was running for my mum (who passed away in 2004) and a school friend who lost her fight with cancer a couple of years ago at the age of 29.

So...on to the next challenge...a 25 mile walk in aid of the NSPCC at the end of August.  I may look out for some interim small challenges along the way to keep me on my toes (you know like 5k runs that aren't too far afield) ...just need to get on out there and keep plugging and tone up the wobbly bits so that I can wear the summer clothes without worrying too much about the muffin top effect! (if you know what I mean!!)


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