Where did the week go?

Posted on: 10 May 2008

Heck can't believe it has been a week since my last post...been a bit lazy this week really...done some DIY on Monday and Tuesday...then I was away to Oxfordshire with work on Wednesday followed by more DIY (mostly painting)...then Thursday when I possibly could have got out for something a little more energetic our neighbour popped round to invite us out for an inpromptu evening out as they had a couple of spare tickets for Journey South (to which my other half replied - "who?!?")

Anyway we went along and saw those runner up X Factor boys which made for an 'entertaining' evening...and suddenly it was Friday...and a visitor which kinda took up the evening.

So here we are Saturday morning...weighed in at 145.8lb which is a little drop.  Just gonna take the dogs out for a walk...have more DIY to do (does it ever end??) then hopefully will get out on my bike...or maybe a run seeing as though I have the race for life next weekend - arrgghhhh panic!

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