Being a good boy

Posted on: 05 Apr 2009

Been good today.

Workout 1 - went to my teams football match and despite being twice as good as half the team I had available I resisted the temptation to play. I did run the line for 90 minutes though, it was bloody warm out there today so I sweated a bit.

Workout 2 - was bored at home this afternoon so went for an 8 mile bike ride. Was nice and easy on the way out but being a coastal town though there is always a breeze blowing one way or another, today it was in my face on the way home. Good workout though and I was puffing when I got in.

Workout 3 - hopefully Mrs K will help me with this one. NO NOT THAT!! Hopefully she will get on the Wii fit with me in a minute.

Fizzio tomorrow morning (an hour in the hospital gym), will run in the afternoon and refereeing in the evening.

Never ever give up

Mrs K has just put Eastenders on, seems she missed an episode and can't live without it. The Wii fit wil have to wait an hour (or is it half an hour now?)

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