Posted on: 14 Feb 2009

I'm still alive. I thought things were going OK but redundancy, a huge argument with my ex-boss, flu and general apathy have stopped me in my tracks. The flu thing was strange, I didn't have any sniffles or coughs. I woke on Thursday morning with a very stiff neck and shoulder, very painful to use, but thought I had slept in a draught so didn't give it much thought. Friday I felt really low, I could hardly stay awake and much to Mrs Ks amusement I couldn't eat or drink anything either. Felt like **** all day, perked up over the weekend and thought it was just a 24hr thing, hit the wall on Monday and that was it for two days. Couldn't get off the settee except to go up to bed and still couldn't use my arm or turn my neck properly. Every cloud has a silver lining though, I lost 3 1/2 lb this week! But judging by the colour of my wee I have been a little dehydrated too so I half expect a much smaller loss this week (although I am trying hard)

Went to physio last week and Di put me in the gym, told me to see how I got on. I managed 3 minutes on the treadmill before my heel hurt, I carried on until 5 minutes then got a bollocking for not getting off as soon as I felt any pain. She told me to keep going to the gym and build up some fitness but the flu stopped that happening.

That's all my news. Good luck to anyone and everyone doing Bramley, I wish I was there with you guys and if I could run I would be. I am looking forward to the reports and pics, get 'em up as soon as you can folks just to keep me happy.

Never ever give up

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