Year end review?

Posted on: 01 Jan 2009

Injuries, no races, too much weight and general apathy just about sums it up.

Injuries - still got heel ache and it is still stopping me from running. I will see a physio this week to see if he can help.

No Races - due to injures at the wrong time. Each time I entered a race, I got an injury.

Too Much Weight - SW didn't do the job for me so I went back to WW and lost almost a stone in three weeks. Will continue on Jan 7th

General Apathy - only my attitude can change that and I'm sure once I start running again things will be a lot better. I could have gone to the gym but I just couldn't be bothered. Just looked back through my posts from Jan last year and realised I joined the gym on Jan 4th, that gives me 2 days to go again so I don't have to pay for another induction.

Resolutions - I'll put them here so I can look back in a years time and see if I have achieved any

  1. To get down to 16st  6lb (currently 19st 7lb)
  2. To at least run a half marathon (and complete a full marathon if I do that by August)
  3. We're poor so I want at least £2000 in the bank AFTER Christmas.

Never ever give up 

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