Recovery day

Posted on: 26 Feb 2008

Yes seriously this was a recovery day!!!  I got in work at 7:20, got changed and was back out the door at 7:30 and it was a glorious morning, the sun was coming up not warm but bright. 

I did a comfortable 3.5 miles in 29 minutes and felt great. But...  what I thought would then be a quick shower and into work, didn't happen!  I never realised how many people cycled into work and then got showered - I was third in the queue for the shower!  Finally got sorted and into work and now I'm rested and ready for another steady run tomorrow with Wendy before a double session on Thursday of a 4 mile run and a track session!

Now for those who think I'm mad for doing a half marathon and then a tough track session, don't worry strangely enough after running for 26 years and coaching for 16 years I have a reasonable idea of what works for me.  Hard sessions back to back  is a recognised training method and as I'd rested for 2 full days before Sunday and now I've got 2 days recovery running so I'll be sure to recover.

And after all Sunday could be looked on as a long tempo run as part of marathon training and a lot less distance than I have been doing on a Sunday for the last few weeks.  And I've had no bad aches the most pain has come from some horrible chafing because I forgot my vaseline and the shower on Sunday afternoon was excruciating!

So don't worry about me folks I'm fine!  Now I'm off to see how you're all doing tonight!

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