A small group run

Posted on: 16 Jan 2008

A much smaller group tonight...

Just 4 of us met up for a good 5.6 mile run with a couple of hills as you'll see if I'm allowed to upload the graph...

Set off steady (probably too slow) 9:39 first mile, then as the hill started we began to pick up the pace (mine and Mark's fault I guess) to 8:58, then the next mile was fairly even and the pace was 8:22.

From 3 mile as you can see the course began to go back down and the pace picked up even more...

Mile 4 was 7:53 and just after I said that we were going the straight route back to the track, Mark began to pick the pace up even more and I forced myself to stay with him.

Mile 5 was 6:55 and I was struggling to stay with him but he was delayed crossing a road and I caught up again (need all the help I can get against a 17 year old!).  The last 0.5 mile was run by me in 4:05 which is 6:45 pace and Mark was still out in front of me!!

Good run and Darren and Sandrine weren't far behind us, so now it's track tomorrow night then cross country race Saturday and longish recovery run Sunday.


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