Snow? What snow!!

Posted on: 04 Mar 2008

What's happening with this weather, snow yesterday and last night and today great sunshine and no wind!! 
Thanks for your comments about yesterday's training and yes Jeanette you're not the only one doing doubles I've got another 2 this week on Wednesday and Thursday - lunchtime steady runs and then Wednesday night is a tempo run with the club. Thursday's a steady run at lunch and then I'll run to the track in the evening and do a few miles but I'll be timing a 1500m time trial for my athletes and might not have chance to run it myself before running home.
Janis I think the answer is mad!! And Leah no today wasn't an easy one… read on!
Ran at lunchtime again but on my own today so decided on similar route to Monday but added a little bit and pushed the pace as it was such a nice day. Felt really good and kept moving really well all the way - finished with 3.9 miles in 30:14 averaging 7:45 per mile. Tomorrow will hopefully be a run with Jenny or Wendy if not I'll have to force myself to run slower.

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