Two Good Runs

Posted on: 20 Mar 2008

I was back on a double day yesterday, Wendy and I went out at lunch in glorious sunshine and a really beautiful day!

I'd planned a 4 mile route that included a section that we'd never run before but before we got to the road I planned to turn down, we came to the river and spotted a good tarmac path alongside it so turned there.  It was a very nice route but had some good hills towards the end.

As we'd changed the route the distance came out as 3.9 miles in 40:12 so a good run especially with the hills we climbed!
Tonight I went to the club and met Louise, Sara, Sandrine and Darren for a planned 6-ish mile run.  Darren and Sandrine are doing a 10k race on Friday so we weren't pushing the pace...   But we started with a 9:23 mile, which was way too slow.
We picked up to 8:43 for the slightly uphill second mile and then we had a bigger climb in the third mile that I pushed myself up fairly hard then waited at the top, we carried on and reached mile three in 8:25. Mile 4 was fairly flat and by now Louise was pushing the pace along and looking like she was enjoying the speed of the run as we reached 4 in 8:14.  Then we hit a flat then downhill section over mile 5 and I ran along just behind Louise as she worked hard now the hill to get to mile 5 in 7:33.
The next mile had two good uphill sections and again I worked hard on the uphill sections and reached 6 in 8:06.  I let Louise, Darren and Sandrine carry on and I ran in with Sara who had dropped off the back and we covered the last half mile in 4:33. 
We did 6.5 miles in 55  minutes for an average of 8:29 per mile.  It was a really enjoyable run we chatted for the first few miles then got a bit more serious and moved along well - I love a run like this with a group of friends just ticking off the miles and picking up the pace as we go, it's what makes all those long hard miles worthwhile!!

Another double day tomorrow hopefully if I can get out at lunch and then run up to the track tomorrow night. Not sure yet what the plans are for the weekend family wise but I'll be fitting in my final long run of around 21-22 miles.

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