Two session Thursday

Posted on: 10 Jan 2008

Well this lunch times run was a little wet, no to be honest it was absolutely throwing it down as we went out the door from work and I seriously thought Wendy and Jenny were going to go back in but I got them to set off to see what it was like.

We got round the corner and ran into a gale force wind (slight exaggeration but it was very windy!) the first 3/4 mile was gradually uphill and because of the rain and wind we ran a little too quickly. But at least we got the first half mile done and by then it was too late to go back.  We didn't do the planned 3.3 mile route just set off and ran and I picked the route as we ran along so we had no idea how far we were running.

Wendy struggled a bit up the last of the hill after going too fast but then there was some steady downhill for around a mile, the rain stopped and we even got a flash of sunshine for about 2 seconds! On the straight back towards work the rain started again and we got wetter still. We finished but Wendy thought we'd been very slow as I estimated we'd done under 3 miles.  She cheered up later when I measured the route at 3.2 miles. 

So a good recovery run if a little wet and then tonight was on the track for some faster running - for everyone else except me I just didn't seem to get going tonight at all.  Session was 2 sets of 3 x 400m with 200m jog in between and 400m jog between sets and then 3 x 75m sprints with walk back recoveries.  I got there early and did 1.5 miles before the session and then with the 1 mile warm up and down so 6 miles in total. 

All my 400m were between 86.7 and 92.4s so not too bad a session didn't time the 75m sprints just blasted along as fast and an old, tired marathon runner could do and beat a few of the youngsters along the way!

So now a quick check to see how some of you are getting on, happy running!

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