Old Training Diaries

Posted on: 05 Jan 2008

After a few comments about me doing 2 sessions in a day, I said on Janis's blog that I'd dig out my old training diaries from the 80s to see what I was doing then.  I found them and decided to regale you from my diary for 1983 in the build up to the Mars London Marathon on 17th April 1983.

Looking back to week commencing 3rd Jan '83 I did 38 miles for the week.  (A bit of background for you is that at the time I lived 5.5 miles from work and there was lockers and a shower).

Mon 3rd Bank Holiday - stayed in bed 0 miles;  Tues 4th - Cycled to work, 3.5 miles at lunch 20:53, 5.5 miles home 34:47;  Weds 5th - 5.5 m to work 34:52, 3.5 m at lunch 23:16, 5.5 m home 39:00;  Thurs 6th - 5.5 m to work 37:15, cycled home; Fri 7th - rest cycle to work and back; Sat 8th - Lancs County XC Champs 7.5 41:16 (9 m in total); Sun 9th - rest

An easy week to start the year.

My longest weeks in the build up to London that year were w/c 14th March 87.5 miles and w/c 28th March 92.5 miles!

That longest week went like this...

Mon 28th - Cycled to work, 5.5m at lunch 37:05, 5.5m home easy 41:15, 3.5 m jog up to track then 7.5 m in 47:05 followed by 3.5 m jog home - 24.5 miles

Tues 29th - 5.5 m to work slow 41:50, 4.5 m at lunch 31:23, 7.5 m home 50:28 - 17.5 miles

Weds 30th - 7 m to work 49:58, 2.5 m jog at lunch, 10.5 m home 68:46 - 20 miles

Thurs 31st - 5.5 m to work 36:18, 4.5 m at lunch 30:51, cycle home 

Fri 1st - (Good Friday) long run day as family commitments on the Sunday - 19 miles 2:10.21 (sub 7 min pace)

Sat 2nd - rest day

Sun 3rd - up being sick all night no running...

Still it must have worked as that marathon was my PB 2:50.25

Looking at the year as a whole I ran 2,080.5 miles, averaging 40 miles a week.  I set a PB in the 10 miles of 56:36 and also ran a half in 77:57 and 10k in 36:25.

My biggest year's training was 1985 with 2,608, averaging 50 miles a week - I had 40 weeks between 50-59 miles, 6 under 50 and 6 over 59.  My best runs that year were: 10k 35:00, 10 m 57:50, half 75:51, Mar 2:52.50 at Windermere. And I ran the 3 Peaks fell race in North Yorkshire in 4:16.

If only I could do that now! But I do know that it's only hard work and determination that'll get me to the start on 13th April feeling good enough to go for a good time - that and an awful lot of luck!!

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