A short run at last

Posted on: 27 Mar 2008

Well my back felt easier today, still not 100% but improving and at lunch time Wendy and I went out for a run in the sunshine!

We ran our usual pace around 10 minute miles and did 3.35 miles in 33:54.  My back felt odd but not painful.  I had pins and needles in my left foot but I think that was due to running in my newer shoes and not having them tied correctly - a bit too tight and not even lacing.

After a shower and back at my desk I felt good no adverse reaction, if anything my back felt easier.  Tonight I went to the track but had decided not to push things and do a track session so I just did the mile warm up with the group the  did one of their 250m efforts but coached the rest of the session from the side.  I then did the 1 mile warm down and felt good.

I'll see if there's any reaction overnight and if not I'll stick to my plan and rest until Sunday then do my 13 miler.  Now I'll check out a few blogs to see how you're all doing.

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