13 mile tempo run

Posted on: 03 Feb 2008

Had a good run today, weather dry but strong wind. Decided to try to keep my pace below 8 minute miles and as I'm at the end of an easy week (Yes Pete E I do have them - essential part of marathon training) I dropped down from my 20 mile runs to 13-14 miles.

As you can see from the graph first half was uphill, second half down.  Set off with a 7:51 mile then 7:57, 7:40 and 7:43 as I reached 4 miles in 31:13 feeling good.

Mile 4 to 5 had the first long climb and my pace dropped to 8:09, so wasn't happy and pushed on stronger after that with 7:42.  I dropped again to 7 miles with 8:02 but then worked hard to 8 in 7:12 before another steep climb before the long down hill to 9 in 7:37.  The downhill continued to 10 and I really pushed for a 7:02 mile.

I took the canal from 10 and the muddy conditions didn't help as my pace was 7:43 to the 11th mile, then a narrow very muddy path after the canal didn't help as I put in an 8:12 mile.  Back on the road I picked up with 7:32 and pushed the last 0.55 miles in 4:00 (7:15 pace).

I passed the half marathon mark in 1:40 and I'll look to take around 10 minutes off that in Blackpool in 3 weeks. I finished with 13.55 miles in 1:44.29 averaging 7:42 pace.

So with my easy week over I'll look to step back up this week and finish with another 20 miler next weekend. Now I'll have a check round to see how you've all done this weekend.

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