2 session Monday

Posted on: 03 Mar 2008

Ran at lunch today with Wendy as she's got meetings this week so got a run in early in the week.  I surprised her by planning a speed session witha pyramid of 1 minute fast, 2 mins fast, 3 mins fast, 2 mins fast, 1 min fast, with jog recoveries.

This was the first time Wendy had done anything like this and she was a bit apprehensive.  After a warm up the first 1 minute fast went well and Wendy worked hard but I didn't let her go too fast but faster than normal pace so she was breathing heavy. The 2 minutes fast went really good but Wendy was then convinced that she couldn't keep that pace going for 3 minutes.

I forgot to say we were running this in a snow storm almost a blizzard at times! On the 3 mintues I set a pace slightly slower than the 1 and 2 minute efforts and Wendy kept it going really well.  The final 2 and 1 minute efforts flew by and Wendy really ran well especially on the last 1 minute effort.  We then jogged to recover and were quickly back at normal pace for the half mile back to work when the weather really did turn into a blizzard. We ran 3.7 miles in total in 38 minutes so a  good session.

Off to the track tonight and I did my mile warm up before everyone else arrived and that was fine but then the snow started to come down! When the other athletes arrived it had stopped so we did our usual mile warm up and running drills.  The session was for 6 x 600m with 200m jog recovery. 

As we got going the snow started again and this time came down harder I managed the first one in 2:42 followed by 2:42, 2:34 and 2:35.  Unfortunately the snow had got really bad and I called a halt to the session as the only thing they were going to get was a cold! We got our warm gear on and did a mile warm down.

The full session for me was 5.6 miles but the snow was terrible and in the end we could hardly see across the track.

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