Track work

Posted on: 10 May 2007

After last nights race I was a little achy but that eased during the day so it was back on the track tonight for a tough 3 x 3 x 300m session.  We did the usual 1 mile warm up, running drills and then into the session. 

The first set of three was a struggle to get into but the times were 60.8s, 58.5s, 61.2s with a 100m walk between each one.  We then had 3 mins rest before the second set - 61.9s, 58.5s, 60.9s not sure why the middle one was quicker on each set but it started to feel tough after last night.  Last set was 58.9s, 63.8s, 59.9s which reversed the middle one to the slowest one!

It was hard but good to complete the full session.  Had some of the younger group with us tonight, some of them coped well and worked really hard but some I knew would struggle only did the first and third in each set to give them longer recoveries.  We finished off with a mile warm down giving me 4.25 miles for the session.


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