Back to 2 sessions yesterday...

Posted on: 07 Mar 2008

but both easy ones.

Went out with Wendy for a lunchtime run and we were both not feeling good - Wendy got a bad stitch and I had stomach pains towards the end.  We did manage 4 miles in 43 minutes so not too bad a run.

Last night at the Club I had a 1500m time trial planned for the athletes which meant I had to stand and time them  - probably fair as I am the coach! Bt this meant I didn't do the time trial.  So I ran 3.2 miles to the track the did a fast-ish mile on the track and coached the session before doing another mile on the track as they warmed down and then ran just under 2 miles home again.  Total 7.1 miles to take me to just over 11 for the day.

Now hopefully another 4 at lunch then rest tomorrow and a 10k on Sunday where I'll try to do a few miles before an after to add some distance.

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