Last run, last post!!

Posted on: 11 Apr 2008

Went for a run at lunch with Wendy and it was cold, windy and lashing down with rain...   and I loved every minute of it!!!

As I've only done little bits of runs this week and to be honest the tension has been rising as the week's gone on it was amazing the feeling I got when we started running I felt free!

We did 5k in 30:53 my hands were freezing, my legs went bright red with the cold and rain and I had a big smile on my face!  Weird this marathon running isn't it.

OK that's it all over just the fun run to go.  As I've said we're travelling down on Saturday morning and I'll be dropping my gear at the hotel before heading to the Expo to register so if there's anyone else going Saturday afternoon look out for me!

Thanks to everyone who's commented on my blog over the last year it's been really appreciated and you don't realise how much you've helped! I hope you all achieve everything you're aiming for on Sunday and in the months to come, but most importantly, enjoy yourselves!!!

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