Rest day hhmmmmm!

Posted on: 26 Jan 2008

Well this was my rest day and I was 'just' supporting 2 of my athletes at the North of England Cross Country Championships in Roundhay Park, Leeds.

I set off just after 9 and drove over to Leeds arriving around 10:15 the weather was dry and bright but very very windy!  Met up with Jane first who was to run in the under 15 girls 4km race and then as we set off to walk the course Emma joined us ready for her 3km under 13s race. 

The course was excellent - no mud, great underfoot conditions and one absolutely massive hill!!  On the Roundhay Park course is a famous hill for cross country runners (Nick mentioned having run it a few years ago) it's called Hill 60 - I think because it goes up at 60 degrees!  I'll try to upload a photo on here for you to see.

Emma had a brilliant run in the under 13s race moving through after a fast start to finish in 23rd out od 223 runners. Jane ran very strong and despite a bad cold in the last week finished in 54th out of almost 200. 

Now to see what would happen I wore my garmin from arriving at the park and didn't look at it again until back in the car and with helping with the warm up walking the course and running to different points to cheer them on I did 5.6 miles for the day, some of it walking but some fast especially down the finishing straight cheering the girls on. So not bad for a rest day!!

Here's the famous Hill 60...

For fans of our new TV ad here's me with the star of the ad Thomas

I'll now have a quick check to see how you've al done today befre some much needed sleep for tomorrow's run..

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