Young Athletes League

Posted on: 20 May 2007

Well no running today but a very busy day as team manager for the young athletes.  The team did really well and finished third of the eight teams in the first match of four!

The boys had a great day and were first boys team with the Under 17 boys leading the way with lots of first places and one lad got Athlete of the Match after running 11.5s in the 100m.  The girls did not do as well - mainly because there wasn't enough of them!  We only had 2 under 17s, 3 under 15s and 4 under 13s!  So my job before the next match is to encourage more athletes to take part and perhaps we can get in the top 2.

It was a great day and the athletes that competed ran, jumped and threw their hearts out, cheering each other on and really enjoyed themselves!

Well now I'll go and see how you've all done today!


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