Confidence boosting Yasso 800s

Posted on: 05 Apr 2008

Great session today and thanks to Darren and Mark who came to the track to join me on the session of Yasso 800s. 10 x 800m in 3:30 with 400m jog recovery in the same time.

The weather was almost perfect - bright and sunny but a cold wind as well that made it hard work round one section of the track.  We did a mile warm up and then some running drills to get us ready before setting off into the wind.

The first 800 went well although a little fast on the first lap then I brought the pace under control to finish in 3:28.9.  The hard part with this session is jogging a lap in 3;30 - it feels very slow.

We got on pace then and the next three went 3:30.0, 3:29.3, 3:30.2. But I was feeling much too comfortable at this pace and the 5th one flew by in  3:25.0. 

I always find that these session are a perfect mix of pace and endurance - I know I've got the pace to run 800m at 7 minute mile pace from my racing and if I've done enough distance then I get stronger towards the end. If you've not done the distance work then you tire towards the end.

I wasn't tiring!  Number 6 was 3:22.5, then 7 in 3:18.7, then into 8 I pushed harder in the first 200m before the wind hit after the 200m mark and I had to dig into the wind to finish in 3:08.7.

This may have been a bit too quick as I slipped a bit on the 9th to 3:09.3 despite losing my long sleeved top and running in a short sleeved T-shirt. At this stage Darren and Mark were beginning to hurt and dropped off slightly - which I realised meant they didn't get the full 3:30 recovery.  Before starting the last one I told them to take an extra 20 seconds after I set off to give them a full recovery and I set off.

I'd dropped my cap for the last one and went all out and went through half way in 1:30 and despite tiring especially in the wind on the last lap I kicked home in 3:00.8.

Darren and Mark enjoyed the session despite it getting ahrd towards the end but they also picked up the pace from 6 onwards but strated to suffer on the last 2-3 as they'd not done the miles I have but as they're both training for GNR I suggested we do the session again at the beginning of September when they've done some mileage - they'll probablt be beatiung me then as I won't keep up the mileage all summer!

Now that I've completed 20 weeks of training I thought I'd look at some stats of my FLM build up...

Total Miles 703.5

Average per week 35.2

Highest week 51.5

Lowest week 17.9 (last week when I had back trouble)

Total for 5 longest runs 103.4

8 weeks above 40 miles, 3 weeks above 50

Longest run 21.5 (6 runs over 20)

Races 5k 02/04 20:44

10ks  30/12 41:49; 9/03 41:15

Half marathon 24/02 1:29:58

20 miles 16/03 2:32.31

So now I've got 8 days to go and will do a few short easy runs and I can't wait to get on that start line!!  Hope you're all having a great weekend! Sorry for the long blog!

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