Interval session

Posted on: 21 May 2007

With no ill effects from my run on Saturday I went back on the track tonight for a 2 x 2 x 500m session with 100m walk recovery and 3 mins between sets.

First one was steady(?) in 1:53.8, the walk back 100m took almost 2 minutes as we waited for everyone to finish so the quicker ones got more recovery than the slower runners - not ideal but enough recovery for everyone. Second 500m went well in 1:51.9 and we then took 3 minutes recovery.   I realised that these 500m runs were all at around 6 minute mile pace.

Second set of two started with a 1:51.8 and felt good.  On the line for the last one I always ask the same question - 'This is the last one tonight and what is the last one?'  Only the new athletes don't know the answer everyone else knows that the last one of the night is the fastest one of the night - no need to save energy for anymore! 

We set off hard and by 200m I knew we were quicker I'd been goingthrough 200m in 44-45s and 400m in 1:28:130.  This time 200m was reached in41s and 400m in 1:25 and I then pushed on to finish in 1:45.9 or 5:37 mile pace.

Felt good so hamstring seems OK, having easy run tomorrow lunchtime as Jenny at work has enteredt the Race for Life and has never done any running since school and I've said I'll run with her. Try to do a flat route - which is difficult in Halifax - probably do out and back route along main road for 2 miles and see how she does.

Off to cardiff for the day on WEdnesday and will get back too late to run so next session is Thursday and the group are down for 8 x 150m sprints, I might not do the session and if possible will run to track and back and few miles on track for Group's warm up and down should get me around 5-6 miles.  Then nothing until Sunday when I'll try to do a longish run 10-12 miles.

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