Lunch time running

Posted on: 27 Feb 2008

Wendy and I went out for our lunch time run again today in lovely spring-like conditions.  I altered our 4.1 mile route a little bit to take it to 4.2 miles which is about the most we can do in an hour as the run took 46 minutes and then we had to shower and change in under 10 minutes.

I'm going to do some shorter runs with Wendy and Jenny but get them to run at a faster pace after they warm up and give them 5 minutes at the end to warm down - so a tempo run.  This way I hope to get them to pick up there pace and then be able to add some more distance to the longer runs.  I'm still trying to get them up to a 10k race this year!

Tomorrow lunch will be another run and then a track session in the evening but it's a shorter quality session of 4 x 300m then 3 x 150m sprints.  I'll probably run to the track and back to add a bit of mileage to the day and keep me on track for another 50 mile week (or near enough).

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