Busy old day...

Posted on: 28 Feb 2008

A fun day with loads of running just the way I like a Thursday!  Started with a run at lunch but Jenny decided she wasn't running as she had things to do so I ran on my own and did the same route Wendy and I did yesterday.  4.2 miles and being on my own I just ran along at a comfortably fast pace and finished in 34:15 averaging 8:09 pace and it felt good.

Tonight I ran just over 3 miles to the track and then did the session - 1 mile warm up, running drills and then 4 x 300m, 100m walk recovery, 400m jog, 3 x 150m, 250m jog recovery, 1.4 mile warm down.  I then ran 1.9 miles back home.

The 300m splits were 59, 62, 62, 68 I stopped part way through the last one as a young athlete was walking in lane 1 despite being shouted to move more than once! I was probably around 60-62s without the stop. The 150m sprints were 28s, 27s, 26s so well pleased with them. The 3 miles to the track were at 8:52 pace but the 1.9 home was 7:59 pace - I needed food!!

So 13.95 miles for today and just ovwer 28 for the week so another 4 tomorrow lunch and a steady comfortable 20+ on Sunday and another 50 mile week under the belt.

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