2 laps of the park

Posted on: 08 Feb 2009

After the fairly disastrous week I wasn't sure if running club was going to be on yesterday but I decided to run there anyway. I am pleased I made the effort as it was a great session. Not fast but fun as we were running on the crisp snow still on the grass. Afterwards, over tea and biscuits I got chatting to a women also doing the FLM and was invited to join her and her husband on a training run as we are about the same pace. Certainly beats a long slog on my own which is what I had planned.

So off we went this morning to Richmond Park - a bit of a drive from Harrow but well worth it. A beautiful morning made it perfect for the run. We did 2 laps of the perimiter and I feel great as that is over 14 milss. It was tough about mile 11 with legs feeling heavy so walked a bit up the hill and then managed to run the rest.

Gonna chill now and watch the rugby - divided loyalties in our house - my mum is Scottish and the father in law is Welsh!

Happy running folks!!

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