Is my training plan stretching enough?

Posted on: 23 Mar 2010

Yet another 45 minutes steady run.  Nothing much to report really.  Could still feel muscle strain a bit but resting yesterday helped and I am not worried about any long term problems.

At times I do worry that the training plan I am following doesn't seem to be stretching me beyond 45/50 minutes with the occasional 60 minutes during the week.  it is only at the weekends that I am doing significant distances. 

But then the plan is from the same place as the half marathon ones I have used and they have led me to 7 personal bests in the 9 races I have done so I must have faith in it. 

I feel more confident when I realise that three or four runs of around 45 mins a week are obviously building basic speed.  My time the last two weekends have been fast without me really trying to run fast.  My comfortable pace is much higher now as a result of these runs and they are frequent enough that they seem to build stamina as well. 

So just keep going and that 4 hour mark is looking acheivable.

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