The legs stand up to the long run

Posted on: 27 Mar 2010

20.5 miles today.  The good news: Both legs came through unscathed.  Feel as confident as I can now that they can last out the full distance.  I have had to sacrifice some mileage to nurse them through but I think it has been worth it.

Little bit further than last week but a lot slower. 3hours 13mins.  Certainly more realistic than last weeks time but I was still totally out on my feet by the end and I did have to walk for 5 minutes at mile 18 so I am still not getting it right.  I deliberately tried to slow my pace at the start but it is so difficult not to fall into a comfortable pace as soon as you stop thinking about it.

On that display there is no way I could have done another 6 miles.  One more long one next week.  That will tell me whether this was one of those days or whether I am going have to revise my targets.

Used 3 carb gel packs.  Didn't really notice any benefit to the first 2 (at 1 & 2 hours) but the third one gave me a boost and I was able to raise my knees on the last bit but it only seemed to last about 5 minutes.  Not enough water with me to last over 3 hours though.  That could be the problem.  Won't really know about that until the race as I don't want to carry litres of water around with me on long runs.

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