Aylesbury Parkrun #70 09-05-15

Posted on: 09 May 2015

Well the plan originally was to run long and then try out Cassiobury with Johnny, but alas a little late to bed and a serious case of cba meant i got up too late to do that. Then realising Cassiobury is a bit of a hike from where i park my car, i decided to bez over to Aylesbury and suprise Steve Reeve who said he was heading over.

Been trying to run most days this week, really ramping up the effort while on this low carb thing. Only Sunday and Tuesday rest days since last parkrun. SO yeah good news the light headedness and shakiness episodes have all but dissappeared and i dont appear to be short of energy. Sometime at work it seems an uphill battle but my running is still all good!

Arrive just in the nick of time, and at 0900h we begin to make our way to the start line which is about 400m down the path. I've run this a few times and its pretty flat. Off we go without any real issues - apart from the fact my garmin keeps resetting instead of starting - LOW BATTERY - DOH!

It's a little crowded but pretty soon we are bezzing along like a good 'un. I've risen to the occassion and not long in Steve tells me to push on. I am going as hard as i can, finding my limit quite easily. I hear all the watches beeping so i ask the split - 6:50. I slow up a little. The lead lady pushes on past me, just in time to slow down for the chicanes as we start onto the wooden bridgey bits, doh... a few deep breaths and i push past. I keep the effort on hard again until the end of the 1st lap. There's a little group of us now and im in the lead but its very hard work. Many a time my body tells me to just take it a bit easier and i have to catch myself and keep the hammer down. A young lad comes by and really pushes on, i follow, absolutely sure i'm going too fast to sustain till the finish. I'm 6 yards behind him and breathing hard and loud which i hope isnt putting him off too much! We've dropped the little group with the leading lady and catching the two guys up ahead. Turn right after the second lap over the wooden bridge... i shout up ahead to encourage him to keep going as we're catching... he's giving everything now too and as we enter the forest with what must be less than half a mile he stops and walks!!! wtf? He has a stitch. I have none of it and tell him to keep going, breathe deep and slow up slightly... I'm pretty busted now anyway and the 2 we were catching pull away. Push hard from the last turn up the hill, round the last corner to finish 7th, in what i find out later was 21:15.


Full results HERE

I see Jesus, of Bearbrook RC won in 18:21pb. Hallelujah!!  \o/


Couldn't have done any better on the day, and so feeling pretty good now. Really glad i made the effort! Steve comes in 15th, in 22:15 smashing it quite nicely too! Only 20 seconds outside his pb, so i guess that's the target after Windermere! We are collapsed at the finish and i pick his brain about low carbs etc. Good to see ya Stevo.


So basically the plan now is long run tomorrow practicing before Windermere next weekend. I forsee no probs but as it's only my second week since starting the low carb thing i will be taking it easy. Windermere has no performance goals, it's simply a mad fat burning fun time!! That said, a sub four would be great haha!

Feeling happy with my running right now, and with London out the way, i'm pushing myself back to the lean mean running machine of former years! My mojo is renewed and i'm very focused. 'bout time too!

Thanks to the parkrun organisers and volunteers today, very, very nice of you, and it's much appreciated!

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