Dublin Marathon 26-11-15

Posted on: 01 Nov 2015

Cycling only due to sprain from 5 weeks away, apart from one run 3 weeks out (Bournemouth Marathon) & then tough windy conditions meant i was up against it for my 3:15 goal. 

It was hard from the start, too hard, and with 3 miles to go it was impossible, so i kind of gave up for a bit and cruised the last couple, until i saw the 3:20 balloons going past me, at which point i pushed hard, in the end being rewarded with 3:19:xx

Super post race guiness, really great, and super big thanks to Rachel & Alain Nolan for really going out of their way to be super hospitable running us about, entertaining - really top marks :o)

Another one at the airport :o)


This will be the last race report for a while, kind of lost the bug; which im sure we all get  from time to time. What with that and my laptop being poorly most of the time, it was becoming a chore.


Contemplated starting a ketogenic diet blog instead after successfully losing a couple of stone going low carb, then after realising the advantages of going keto (low carb high fat), which are amazing tbh, especially for a runner looking for a sub 3 marathon, managing to stick with it has been easy and i highly recommend fighting the carb addiction peddled in society these days.

Cavemen never had all this abumdance of carbs, and i believe we evolved to cycle between high carb in (autumn) where we evolved the carb addiction (this was a species survival thing because the more carbs you ate the fatter you would become and then maybe survive the ice age winbter!), & a low carb in winter.

Maybe one day i will get it all down, but tbh it has been one heck of a journey, i'm learning a lot, and there is lots of stuff coming in the news, new studies blah blah, and there will be a paradigm shift within a couple of years i'm sure.

I'm almost at my race weight now, im fat adapted better than ever but still find it hard to find my top gear so carb up before big races & have a few gels at the start of smaller races too. 

10 mile pb last week at Fred Hughes (hiya marc... bye marc! lol), 67:04 happy with that - pretty hilly.

Parkrun this morning 71% age graded, my pb set 6 years ago was 72% age grade, so suffice to say, i'm back in the game & more focussed than ever to go for my sub 3 attempt in october - in Abingdon.

Good luck to all of you guys in all your mad challenges, i will continue to read and be amazed by what you all achieve. Will pop back and put up anything dead interesting obviously! 







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