Tring Parkrun #05 29-11-14

Posted on: 30 Nov 2014

Well, what a belter of a course this is! Really enjoyed it...

Met Tom at 8am and we set off on a 3m cross country around Hastoe on our way to the very scenic Tring Park Parkrun. We got there early enough to have a little loop around the grass area before heading back for the start. A few of the mighty GVH showing up, namely Russ, & Martin. Travers also here... guess it's his local now. Jamie and a whole bunch of D&T there too.

A cross country course, which sets off along the tree lined grass rolling hills with a hilly forest area at the top of the park.

It was pretty muddy going up the hill and the course cut left and right making the ascent a little less steep, but still pretty challenging i must say!

Once at the top we ran along the ridge and were rewarded some lovely views, before some awesome long downhill sections past the monolith and other scenic areas.

We popped out the bottom back into the grassy park where we followed the edge of the park along the rolling hills, and headed back to the start which would be the 4km mark. From there we headed back into the centre of the park, turned again, up one final hill then enjoyed another deliscious long downhill to the finish.

Jamie was a pacer and was pretty perfect finishing in 12th 22:01
Tom looking super cool, 13th in 22:11
happy with 18th, 22:56
Russ, wearing spikes, cruising down for 23rd, 24:49
Martin home in 50th, 27:54

A very challenging course but absolutely one of my favourites! Thanks to Tring Parkrun, all the volunteers and especially Liz English for taking these wonderful pics :o)

Will definitely be back for more

A lil' chat after before heading back out the top of the park and then returning through Hastoe the scenic route totalling 10-10.5 on the day... but that was guessing. Cheers Tom fun fun ...


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