Chiltern League XC #5 - MK - Teardrop Park 07.02.15

Posted on: 08 Feb 2015

Hello Peeps.

Quick report (hopefully) it's nearly my bedtime and i need to get this done first!

1st thing - it was a bit flipping cold... not gonna mention that again but blimey!!!

So into the last Cross country meet, with it all to play for... we were 9th of 12 clubs in divison 1, with the bottom 2 going down. Bearing that in mind we fielded a big team in mens & womens...

The Mighty GVH!
The men run first at the last venue, so the statisticians can do all the maths quicker, which meant the women got a load of support more than normal, which i think they liked!
It was a three lap affair with a few technical bits.... a couple of steep hills, some boggy bits, some muddy bits and a pretty cool finish - it was quite enjoyable, but only once it was over :o)
The more technical stuff the better if you ask me - i seem to have a knack for most of the stuff and gain places all over the place. Dylan's top tip though - start at the front, is definitely a w1nner


 Cheers for the pics Suzie :o)
Some other great photos HERE, showing the hills and start pics.. these are particularly epic as this meeting was also a part of a bigger national XC series, which meant there were a lot more runners than normal :o) Not gonna pinch the pics though as it's a pay site xx
I was wearing my HRM but left my watch at home - doh! And after the race left my HRM on the deck somewhere - Chairman Andy has it though so no harm done.
Had been battling a couple of Bearbrook runners for at least all of the third lap and probably most of the second too.... and when it came down to the last mile i was determined not to let them get away. There was only one in front of me now, and of the final corner we both bolted... he was about 5 yards in front into the last 150 yards, but i was keen and this is the part i like best!! He gave it everything and so did i, i was catching but very slowly - then that magical thing happened, where you are not tired of limb or out of breath anymore, the adrenalin surges as your arms pump vigorously, everything focussed on getting to the line first. I was still catching and in the last 15 yards he slowed, i don't know if he thought he had done enough or what but i thundered past him with only a few yards to go - best finish of the season for me by far... tbh the ONLY other one (tsk tsk) i got whupped by a D&T!!! Link HERE
The ladies did great too - sorry no pics.... maybe some will turn up later. I really enjoyed watching the ladies finish - there were some brilliant sprint finishes it had to be said... and i'm sure the extra cheering had some effect!! Well done ladies!!
Team Results....

And we stayed up!!! This IS a big deal, we normally yo yo up and down... and to put it in context, we are one of only two clubs of 24 that have zero junior athletes, so we have a large points handicap before we start!

Oh yeah - CAKE!! brilliant cakes all round chaps. I had some of every type I think.. 

Was a good boy and stopped for only one pint.

Well done GVH :o)


I planned 20 this morning ealry doors and then work... yeah on a Sunday i know - only 'cos i told the boss i had to run MK so was only available for 3 or 4 hours saturday....  however it never went to plan! I woke up at 4 and there was enough moon to run by but i just thought nah!!! But got up to work instead... knocked that out quicktime and then came home with 20 to do! Running the day after a XC can be tough, but was i gonna let the Jantastic team down... NO!



Check that for a run!
8 laps of Chipperfield common - about 1.3 miles, in the middle at high effort haha must have looked a bit of a nutter :o) Managed to get one below 8mm, finally, this really made the last 3 miles tough!!!! But very happy i made the effort.
Right late for bed!! Ciao bebeh xx
- Hope i can sleep i'm still buzzing :o)





Found a video of today's event, check it out HERE.

Dave Wise 2:38, & Laura 4:12


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