Inaugral Gadebridge Parkrun 02-05-15

Posted on: 02 May 2015

So yeah, after London i decided to start the low carb diet. It's pretty close to the Paleo one i was doing for a while. So far it's been going ok. Having read up there are various side effects, which they say are temporary...

  • High urination rates. No more than normal.
  • Fatigue and dizziness. Yeah been feeling light headed. 1/2 glas of wine type level. Not altogether unpleasant :o)
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This will stop after a while and is caused because the body is used to putting out lots of insulin after eating.
  • Headaches. Nope. 
  • Constipation. Not bad. Not as easy as normal one might say :P
  • Sugar Cravings. None! According to doctor Steve Reeve you only really get these if you eat some carbs and your body remembers how it likes them!
  • Diarrhea. Nope.
  • Shakiness / Weakness. A little shakiness before run today, ate a banana.
  • Muscle Cramps. Not yet.
  • Sleep Disturbances. Nope
  • Kidney Stones & lower thyroid somet or other.

source HERE

These side effects are temporary and lots of the symptoms can be minimised by increasing ones salt intake. Should say also don't do this if you have reduced liver/kidney function.

This whole thing was tested at the 1st club handicap on Thursday, where i struggled round the 4 mile course and came 3rd from last i think, but was happy with averaging 7:11mm. GARMIN


Gadebridge Park with Old town behind

The club were invited to test run the Gadebridge PR course on Tuesday, which was good, and hence there was lots of us turned out and marshalling today. Race director today was VLM man of the match Jamie Marlow of D&T, and a fine job he did!

Before long we were belting along the edge of Gadebridge Park, on the grass, down and up the hills, through the underpass, more hills and grass.

Pretty good course tbh. It's basically a 2 lapper.

I'm thinking some corners might easily be cut unintentionally and all that but no worries.

2D Profile

Didn't race too hard but simply because my legs had nothing in them lol. The second lap hills were pretty tough, but the best thing is these hills aren't TOO steep and aren't TOO long and they are out of the way quickly. Plus ofcourse you get the downhills too, which aren't so steep that you can't take advantage of them. Born to run downhill me :P

Cheers for all the pics Helen & everyone else! Also thanks to John Leonard off Gadebridge Parkrun flikr group, who i can't seem to email to ask :P

Loads of GVH pics following now...



I came in hand in hand with a Dunstable Road Runner, London Marathon Stylee, in about 23:30. Definitely room for improvement there!

These park runs have such a great friendly atmosphere, and it was awesome to see all the kids running with great big smiles on their chops!!

Super well done to everyone, especially the first timers! You are all amazing! Can you beat your time next week??

Travers back after running Boston as his 100th marathon. Awesome stuff. Charlie getting in on the act :o)

 A good chat after before heading home to feed!

Low carb 'aint all bad!

Full results HERE

GVH results HERE

Wow Vincent only 3 more for 250!!

 Thanks again Gadebridge PR team, and all the marshals, hope to see you again some saturday soon at 0900h!

24 Runners. Mighty fine turn out GVH!







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