Tring Parkrun #13 10-01-15

Posted on: 10 Jan 2015

Pretty windy out there, and for a while it was questionable whether we would be allowed to run or not. We would of course be running, just probably closeby in Aylesbury instead.

Dave & Johnny & Lucca were coming over from Hemel, Johnny only after a few small runs since coming back from his back injury.

Turned out ok mind you, we dodged the rain... and only just after we finished it was lashing down.

Still a lovely little course and more muddy than i remember :o)

Jogged round with Johnny and pushed David along the last bit as he started flagging. All good.

Tom was marshalling at the top of the hill, and then again at top of the last hill for the final run in. He was marshalling as XC today. I have a long one planned tomorrow so have swerved the XC.

We were all just outside 35 mins i think, and then Lesley came in after with her lot.

Well done to us all.

Coffee and Cake after then home ^^

Good luck to the Mighty GVH at Cross Country.

6 weeks till Barcelona marathon then a bit longer till London :o)



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