Windermere Marathon 17.05.15

Posted on: 18 Jul 2015

Hi guys,


bit late... i know... had laptop problems again... been a nightmare, but on the up i became less tied to the technology, for a while atleast.


Anyway after london's mini success, a month later after continuing the low carb routine i smacked out a 3:36... boy's coming back.

Loved the coure... sure there were hills, but i was able to use the downhills really well. Plus my stamina from doing all these marathons is sticking with me and i'm feeling so strong at the ends - i love it!

Kids had a great time. 

A few from the club were there as we were originally there to support Sam, who was signed up for the 10 in 10 but had to drop out for heart surgery (apparently quite minor these days!!!). Good luck next year Sam - she's already done a marathon since surgery.

Might find pics later but wanna smash out a few posts!

Been reading when i can




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