Barcelona Marathon 15-03-15

Posted on: 27 Apr 2015

A little late i know, basically i've had computer probs which means i have no mouse on my laptop and that's why i've put it off for so long :o)

Having almost recovered from my eye problems we turned up in Barcelona on the Friday.


We nipped into the expo to pick up my number(1500m from the hotel), then chilled at the hotel. We went out looking for dinner and ended up eating Japanese :)

Saturday was spent exploring Barca, what an amazing city. The whistlestop tour was mainly sightseeing on the tourbus but we did lots of walking too avoiding torrential showers, and heading back to the hotel early. The Gaudi stuff was amazing especially the church which is still being built solely on proceeds from the tourists admission money!

Absolutely incredible!

Quite an early start, and there was a nip in the air, but the forcast wasn't bad - dry atleast. My berko injury (calf/achilles pain) had resurfaced running a 20 a week before running with Steve Reeve training for London, and unfortunately after the walking on the Saturday i was feeling it already before the race!

Strangely enough it was really pretty busy at the start, which was the same place as the expo, which now doubled as the baggage area.
We said our goodbyes and i headed off to the start pens. It was all pretty manic as everybody had to go through the expoo front doors to get to the pens, and by the start time not everyone was in the correct plsce. They were jumping over the 10ft railings and all sorts. Still there was a nice buzz and we were all eager to go.
The race worked out ok, i saw Clare about 4 times (and she actually managed to get all her steps in on her fitbit, infact she covered 20k or half marathon!), and yeah my calf was hurting from the start but it didnt get worse so onwards and upwards. By twenty everything else was hurting as much as my calf/achilles so pushed on, finishing in 3:52:11. Happy days. Negative split also... mainly due to my gps not being totally accurate (27.2 total length) - i really wasn't weaving i swear lol, but anyways the main effect being i crossed halfway just under the 2 hour mark which was well out and it startled me a little.
Finished strong again which is a wonderful feeling.
Barca has a lovely finish area
Superman Pose hehe
Lump of Steel & technical T
Achilles was in bits the next day, and flying back was a painful affair :o)
I went to Martin Storrie the club physio on about the wednesday and was diagnosed with Achilles Tendinopathy. It was a little bit higher up though so it incliuded a bit of the calf which would help with blood flow.
 Cheers Martin xx
No running for a couple of weeks, with only a couple more before London!

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