Englefield 10k 30-08-15

Posted on: 30 Aug 2015

So yeah as my long run increases by 2 miles each fortnight up till Bournmouth on the 4th October, the week after remains the same ie. 12m Easy or race 10k. To be honest i really fancied a 10k race! Looked online and bingo! Invited Chris along and the boy never let me down! Dad came along for the ride which was great.

It had rained a little in the morning but as we arrived, after a quick blat down the M4, the sun was out and it was certainly a beautiful place. A smooth registration, a little explore before heading down to the start area! Had a chat with a guy who it turned out won the V60 category, and he seemed to think it was 4 minutes slower than a flat course...

3...2....1... Gooooo!!!

It was all flat, apart from the 3 hills :heh: and of the flat bits, some of it on road but it was mainly on grass; mainly uneven ground, not a trail.

The first hill was fairly tough but it was right at the start and before we knew it we were over it and hurtling down the grassy banks through the trees at breakneck speed. I had a bit of banter with another baldie like me, and i left him for dust on the downhill. We headed back along the track to the start where we looped around the edge of the grounds and then back towards the start area again. Baldie had overtaken me already! He was making good progress now too. From the start area we then followed  the road up by the church and through a gate for a lap of the outlying fields. The halfway mark flashed by. The second hill started at about 6.5k and went on for a good while. It wasn't so steep but it was long and you had to mind your footing. As we headed along the top back towards the church we had some great views, and it was undulating for a bit, and i noticed baldie up ahead walking up some of the hills! We were rewarded with a wonderful downhill back to the church, after which followed another great downhill by the gate at the start area. Good support from the old man :o) and then looped back up towards the first hill but in reverse. It was so hard lol. We were at about the 9k mark now. I was gaining on baldie now, and as we approached the summit he was walking again! and i came past. On the downhill i gave it everything i had and as i turned and came out onto the track 400m from the line i had a peek and saw matey over 30 yards behind... no messing now then and pushed hard for the line, and he never came back - happy with 43:04 and 14th place of 262 :o)

Had a good chat with baldie after, he has trouble with hills after tearing his achilles ages ago... great on the flat but hills are still not sorted yet...

Chris struggled round and he too has sore calves, perhaps just a bit tight. Strong finish though :o)

Little but nice medal & all for bargain price of £15 on the day. Thanks to all at Englefield, might well see you again next year! Propper chuffed. 

Oh yeah i can honestly say in all the races i have never encountered so much poo! We had sheep doddles all over the carpark, and in the fields it was horse and cow manure! 

Rest day tomorrow... sweeet! 


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