Cassiobury Parkrun #23 01-08-15

Posted on: 01 Aug 2015

Forgot my barcode with my mad dash to get out the door - doh!

I've not managed to get down to cassiobury parkrun in watford before, no real reason and actually not because of the many painful memories of running up the hill to the finish during club XC, or the watford 10k or even the half. So yeah i was really looking forward to it.

Johnny, Mandy & lil' Charlie were all there, and Charlie was really vocal which was great, hehe, took me back a bit, to when mine were that size... awww.

Quite a few GVH in attendance Mikey, Sian, Karis, Joanna, Johnny of course & Matt - not seen him in a while :o)

2 and a half laps, with a nice downhill start, no worries. We were sub six mm at the first turn which was great. Stitch over the 2nd lap was a bit of a pain and so eased back a tad, pushed hard again for the line and i made it 19:23. The officials however had me 19th, and the 18th placed was 19:24 & 20th was 19:28 so yeah i'll still take that :o) 

Full results HERE

Only 30 seconds off a pb and im running 6 days a week marathon training currently 40 miles a week and climbing so very happy!

Awesome running my Mr.Ferris 17:35pb for 4th & good result for Matt Watt with 18:45... great times indeed!

The Mighty GVH :o)
Long run tomorrow is only 9 miles (hard week/easy week thing), but last weeks was 18m with Boydie, and we did great, check it out HERE
Chris, Boydie & I plan on running the Bearbrook 10k three times next Sunday (love that course lol) to incorporate it as part of our marathon plans, so 18m+ in total with the last 6 running FAST :o)
Hope your running is going well!

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