Bournemouth Marathon 04-10-15

Posted on: 23 Oct 2015

Better late than never huh? - lap top issues again - so i'm on the wife's laptop so will be short with no pics :o(

... so yeah not a lot of running into the build up with a sprain healing and arch pain after a little accident at work and lots of hard training for Dublin marathon, my main race!

Anyways this was a good training run, 3 weeks from Dublin, hoping to push Chris around in 4 hours.

We started great and he was runnning strong, we were a couple of minutes up at halfway.. and we saw our supporters along the route which was good. We were handed mini goodie bags of sweeties - how nice :o)

Went well till the couple of hills, so we walked a bit but not much. Chris started run/walking from about 21 miles, but we were still on track at 24.. i was really pulling everything out of the hat urging him on.. poor fella kept having to stop and when he did his head would drop and he could not look me in the eye... we've all been there before... but everytime he would start again... i was so proud when we crossed the line in 4:02 dead, a 7 minute pb.

I never had a doubt that he could do it, and now hopefully either will he!

Arch pain continued and the sprain did not enjoy what i put it through, so i've been on the bike keeping the legs going for this 3 weeks run up (and taper woohoo) to Dublin.

I saw the club physio last Saturday, who gladly told me the good news that the arch pain is soft tissue damage and should be sorted in time for me to marmalise it again in Dublin hehe. Sprain almost healed.

So now into the last week, the mind trying to get the better of me but i am completely positive about this, i have had a couple of months of 6 days a week training and already run 22 miles at race pace (going for 3:15) albeit 5 weeks ago now... but also did i say i've kept my weight down.

So i AM going to smash it that's for sure.

And if i don't i'll come close and beat my years best time of 3:37 (windermere) a comeback pb, and i've lost the weight \o/

And if i don't manage that, i'll be in Dublin and so can drown my sorrows with some of the Black Stuff... 

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