Tring Parkrun #18 14-02-15

Posted on: 14 Feb 2015

Suddenly i realised i was able to run Saturday AM, which was a nice surprise. There was quite a lot of rain overnight so i knew it was going to be well muddy. After running my first sub 6mm mile in probably a couple of years on mile repeats down the running club on Tuesday i was well up for some! (Thanks for pushing me on the last one Tom!)

Tom was running over from his house with his boy, so i was going to meet them there. I drove the backroads and parked at the top end of the park, jogging the 3/4 of a mile or so to the start in plenty of time. No Tom & co. but Lesley turned up with Jerry & Crystal, and also James appeared but i never recognised him till we were on our way!

On our way indeed... how slippy was that... veeeery slippy. Tom came bowling past after about 800m on our way up to the start of the big big hill, they'd arrived late and set off 30s behind us all ;o)

Once the slipfest of the main hill was behind me, and after i'd recovered a little, i was pushing hard again trying to catch the Tring RC runner up ahead. He was going well. After the long bit along the ridge came the delicious downhills and despite the slippy conditions i was able to overtake the Tring athlete + an Eeling runner too! :o)

Out the bottom of the park and onto the grass. Still slippy especially at turns and running on sloped ground. The last 1500m are undulating but mainly 3 or 4 hills and it's all good. The Eeling runner came by me again and was pulling away, but i'd done enough to keep Tring behind me. Even the final downhill was really tough going as very slippy, but cruised home for 10th place (yipee!) in 23:12, only 16 seconds behind my last run here in much better conditions...  happy with that.

Good run for James & Tom, Tom actually managing 5th in 21:56, after falling aswell as starting 30s behind us all! We all agreed it was well slippy but still kinda fun. Lesley pushed herself hard and was just pipped by Tom's boy who's long legs gave him the upper hand on the final downhill :o)



Full Results HERE.

Thanks to all the team & the volunteers down there today - great job :o)

Gave the lads a lift home as they were propper knackered :o)

Another 20 or longer planned for tomorrow, and no time pressure so that is awesome.

Number has arrived for berko half, nice one.

If i manage my 20 miler tomorrow that will be me still 100% in jantastic, even though i have added a swim! ;o)


Have a great weekend!







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