And we can do this until we pass out.

Posted on: 27 Feb 2014

I am exhausted... too many evenings of 5.45wake up and 12.30 to bed is not good enough. My body is talking to me and I am becoming more in tune with it though... It said I need more sleep, more water and better food. I am too tired to argue!

There were lots of reasons why I couldn't run tonight, I decided to list them all, it was only when I got to about 8 that I looked up and realised I'd got my running kit on and done 0.8 miles already. I finally successfully managed to run at a LSR pace of 10minute miles which I have wanted to do for ages. It was actually amazingly enjoyable running within myself for a change and not just trying to run faster and faster - I could enjoy some comfort, less shin splint complaint and before I knew it I'd done 2.1 miles in 20minutes - not unhappy at all.

I am very late for rehearsal but I can't do anything about it, sometimes I need to look after myself.

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