You got me losing my mind, my heart beats out of time

Posted on: 28 Feb 2014

... well I say beats, it pounds and as my lungs gasp for oxygen

The tiredness took hold today and after a long day where I enjoyed teachin, was productive in my frees and got very angry that I'd cancelled plans to attend after school detentions which the lazy d**kheads didn't attend. Still made it home in one piece and occupied some time chilling out productively.

The missus came home and, despite my tiredness I managed to do something I am very proud of...

I avoided an argument and let it go!

We have made plans to see my friends tomorrow, having them over for dinner, and playing some games, but Vic had forgotten that it was her friends Birthday this weekend and came home saying we've been invited out for dinner and can I cancel on my friends please. Usually I'd have responded emotionally (not teary, more frustrated) especially as she tried to "sell it" by saying that one of her friends would be someone I'd like and I might 'make a new friend'. (Very thoughtful of her! I was very frustrated that I had deliberatly responded to accusations that I don't forward plan enough and then after doing exactly that she was trying to cancel on me and my friends at the last minute.

Still managed to nap it off for 45 minutes then went for my run to think things over. 21 minutes - 2.4miles, pretty chuffed with how strong I felt given my tiredness and despite the pounds not disappearing yet, there is definitely fat disappearing which is very pleasing. Running angry was a new experience but I certainly mellowed as the run continued so it had a desired effect.

Came home and tried to discuss it sensibly, offered compromises and explained that I understood how she felt and that we had made a mistake in our foresight of birthdays. That I was definitely prepared to make effort to see her friends another evening and perhaps we could let my friends know that she had a meal to go to and she could spend a couple of hours with us before she went to her meal alone, but unfortunately tired girlfriend had kicked in at this point and I was accused of not being adaptable (which unfortunately sounds a lot to me like I am out of order for not agreeing 100% with what she wants, and that I don't care about her friends only mine, so I cut my losses and decided to watch TV with her and save the discussion for the morning - something to look forward to!

I love her still, I can't wait to Marry her and have children, but women can be a darned pain sometimes!

Just hope no women read this blog and decide I am the anti-christ for daring to question her opinion ;)


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