Every Morning when I wake up

Posted on: 06 Mar 2014

It feels quite nice to be able to write my blog before 7am because I have already done my 20minutes. I "only" walked it but the way I see it, my legs are very tired and so am I, walking for 20 minutes is still better than staying in bed and not walking for 20 minutes.

I have a long day at school today but I am going to choose to enjoy it all. I have been reading (well listening to the audiobook of) William Glasser's book on Choice Theory this week and it is like someone hit me over the head with a revelation stick. He talks about how the whole of society is built on the structure of external control from goverment, down through work and schools and all the way to parenting, so much effort is spent on how to make people do what we want. Perhaps there is another way where people can get on better and be more motivated.

I like it, especially when I look at this site - no-one here has once tried to "make me" do anything but has supported me with no apparent benefit to themselves. Can't wait to hear Chapter 2 tomorrow.

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