On my way to my goal

Posted on: 23 Jul 2010

it is really important to keep track of your progress, I have found.  I set myself a goal of losing 46 pounds from when I signed up to do this run (in Feb) and when the run is (5th September) and I didn't think I was doing to well.  It turns out I have lost 28 lbs already and still have 6 weeks to go before the run.  This has given me a real boost and given me focus.  I am now trying harder to lose the rest and get to my goal of being 15stone when I do this run.

I know that I can complete the run because I have done several 5k runs now in preparation, but I would like to do it quicker than 43 minutes and have lost the weight. 

After that I will set myself a new goal of 10k, then who knows maybe a marathon.  Little steps

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