it was supposed to be a fun run

Posted on: 21 Sep 2008

Well I have achieved my first Goal today of running 5k in 25 mins my target was 30 mins so  i am happy to achieved this.

it was Fryent Country Park run by Brent council London . was nicely organised and a nice park to run in and the weather this morning was absolute fantastic, was supposed to be a fun run but you can`t help that competitive spirit coming out and some guy from Belgrade harriers finished in about 15 and some other guy stuck close and saw my chance when he stopped to get some water but he caught up with me he said thanks for me being his pace maker but said i did well with my time considering my size.

Still more work to be done but I am glad my wife came to support with her words of wisdom....` Run Forrest.......Run.....` every little helps.

One month to go to the big one...GSR.............


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