Some little runs

Posted on: 16 May 2017

Well I haven't given up again, just not blogged it. Mainly because the whole family have been ill, it started with my 14 yr old boy who complained of stomach ache. Like the caring dad I am I told him to man up, for four days! Eventually, after he was up most of the night crying in pain, Mrs K took him to the hospital where he stayed overnight. Got diagnosed with a urine infection and given anti biotics. At the same time I had belly ache too but it was very mild. Almost as soon as he was fixed my 9 yr old daughter went down with it, as did wifey and 16 yr old but their symptoms were a lot milder. We seem to be on the mend now, kids are back at school but for the last week or so our house has almost resembled an A&E unit. All the time though, I still managed to get out for a few runs.

Friday was a complete rest day, I didn't get to the gym.              Saturday I managed to sneak in a cheeky little 2 miles.                Sunday ended up being just a mile. The intention was to do three laps of a local field but the grass was so long that I just gave up after one. Monday was interesting. I was near Arundel so decided to jog through some woods just to the North. But I did the usual, found around a mile uphill to start with. Did the journey back but was more interested in the history of Monarchs Way to be worried about how I was running, how far or how long.                                                                                  So we come to Tuesday. I stretched, I only ever stretch a little but today I stretched just a little more, then off I ran. Usually I find that in the first half mile I am telling myself to give up, go home, you're too fat, people are looking and laughing. Today all those negative thoughts were off pestering someone one else because I felt quite good. I felt like I was well oiled, everything seemed to be going smoothly, no aches, no negativeness, it was pleasant to be out there. Proof? The first mile was under 11 minutes. For me that is good, I usually plod along around 11:30/12mm. Second mile was a bit slower but I still did 2 miles at well under 11:30 pace.

Still finding it hard to eat sensibly but I have lost a couple of pounds so something must be working. Weight today was 17st 11.02lbs.

Never ever give up

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